Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Welcome to Tennyson!

Tennyson High School Goes Green!! . The purpose of this blog is to catch the attention of people and raise awareness about recycling. At Tennyson High we are striving to make the world a better place, by recycling. It may seem like it docent make a difference, but it does. Millions and Billions of wastes is being put out in the sea. Things that could be reused. We came up with a word, SLWRP. This stands for, Student Learning Waste Reduction Program. This program teaches us what to make of our waste, that way we may be able to help out in our community, and if we can, The World. The 4r's stand for , Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rot. These are the 4r's that we are trying to practice every day. If we Reduce we will have less things contaminating Earth. Reuse will help people save money and be able to have things they wanted for a cheaper price.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Recycling at home

This bin right here is a bin that helps mother nature keep going the best it can. It may just look like a bin, believe it or not with out it, this world would be one huge dump. I always recycle, it was the way i was taught. In this bin, i put all my old shoes boxes, paper that i don't need (ext).
I also check that every time i am in my way to throw some thing away i make sure i wont have any other purpose for it. If i think i do i will store it away some place that wont disturb be and when the day come for me to use it i will be able to make the best out of it.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Litter Survery

The activity was student were taking pictures around the School before lunch. The Students went in hall ways, behind the School, In front of it. The Student did this to compare how the littering level changed. Before Lunch, it looked awesome, no trash any were. The halls were clean and looked like perfection.

Now, after lunch, there was trash all over the hall ways in the back of the school. So the level of Littering went up like crazy. There was trash left on the ground just a few feet away from the trash. We have a very lazy century of youth in these time of crisis. The Hall in our school was most littered. Trash every were it look like a dump site. I chose these two pictures because it was a good transformation of how the school changes between curtain times of the day.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Waste Audit

This is a short film i made. Real life pictures about how Tennyson is improving in the 4R's.

Just click play to see the Video...enjoy.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Composting at THS Farm

Composting is the best and healthiest way to preserve the natural environment. The Compost that we made at are beautiful farm here at Tennyson High was made out of old trimmings food waste, and dirt. The benefits of this composting is that we don't have to waste any money for soil, it was naturally made by compost. This helps all the things we are growing, grow with more natural resources, rather then some fabricated expensive soil that probably damages the soil. This next clip will show you a brief sample of how we as student compost and help the environment.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Davis Street Transfer Center

This Special Facility is specially concentrated on the best way to recycle, reuse, rot, and reduce. Just like the 4rs we are trying to establish here in Tennyson High. The Transfer Center that we visited was made out of the Dump." The whole idea was that everything can be used for many different things not just throwing away'' that is how the lady at the facility put it. . This Facility taught us how in the old time trash was trash, no recycle. The people from the past didn't even know were there trash was going. Until they made a research, that they were just dumping all there things in to the ocean. After that, 75% of the trash was recycled. This was a very good way to better the environment.
Now in our Century, we have better recycling methods and its a good way to make money, the picture with the bails of recycled cans is worth $2,000 dollars. When i went to the Davis street Transfer Center i saw huge piles of waste, never mind that MOUNTAINS of waste and when i got closer to the mountain of "waste" there were lots of things that could have been recycled.

There is a special place called the "Land Fill". This place is were all the trash we don't use goes to. Its set there to decompose in the soil. But like a lot of people have been making things that take along time to decompose, this is effecting the environment and the land fill, fills more and more. The "Land Fill" for Alameda County is located in Livermore, know as Altima.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Recycling Awarness

All these activities helped me learn a lot about how our waste is being treated and what we can do to help the environment. There is a lot of way people can practice the 4R's in their life. Every day before you think of throwing some thing away, think about it before you throw it in to the trash. One mans trash is another mans treasure. Not everything is waste, most of the people think it is, but what can you do with a can of soda?, recycle it to make a new one. There is various of places to throw away curtain things like, batteries, oil, plastic bottles and cell phones. All it takes is a little bit of effort to get to that destination. For cell phones and electronic devices, you may contact, Centromax located in Hayward California, phone number (510) 786-9988. For batteries, you may contact H.C.R.P. located in Hayward California, phone number (510) 537-9963. For bottles, you may contact, Hayward Curbside, phone number (510)9963 located in Hayward California. There is many places you may find to recycle many different items.
I have personally learned how we can make Earth a better place to live. There are tons and tons of waste being spred all over the world. If we combine forces to help each other out by, putting programs at school to practice the 4R's and teaching every body about Composting and how effective this is, it can help dramatically all over. The thing is that schools need to start putting out more recycle bins like our school is doing. This way people can see how important is getting to recycle. There are many way to recycle at home, and how to reduce waste. The best way is to buy items that can be reused, or recycled that way if you need to get rid of it you wont have to throw it in the trash, just simply put it in the bin.
When i went to the Davis Street Center, i had never knew what we can do with recycled items, i mean it was incredible. They made a whole entire building out of recycled items. Made rug out of old clothes, windows, and more, all out of recycled things. This taught me that there is more to the item you throw away then meets the eye. Now i can know what to do and how to help out in my community, just easy and simply use the 4R's. You may use this method any were you go. The best thing you can do if you are reading this is, "SPREAD THE WORD", tell any body you know how to use the 4R's and what they stand for so they could have a better idea of what us as students at Tennyson High are trying to do.